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The world of finance is changing fast...

get prepared!


Finance is being dramatically transformed by technology. Industry experts predict that between 2 million and 6 million banking jobs will disappear in the next 5 to 10 years because of disruptive technology developments. On the other hand, financial innovation is bringing in countless opportunities and redefining paradigms in finance.


It is clear that the skills needed to succeed in the new financial industry are changing too.

We want to do something about it

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Bridge the

talent gap

We equip students with the knowledge and tools to lead the change in the new financial industry and be the leaders of tomorrow.

Boost corporate innovation

Our courses and workshops are carefully designed to enable your team to master subjects such as Digital Tranformation Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Challenger Banks, and Alternative Data.

Contribute to the revolution

We develop innovative research projects to foster innovation in finance. We work with universities and key financial institutions to extrapolate and master the key developments that are shaping the industry.

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